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Quotes About Arthur Rimbaud

"...good or evil"?
(Arthur Rimbaud Flash Bio Screenshot).

"Intelligent, as much as you want, but he has eyes and a smile which I do not like.

He will end badly: in any case, nothing banal will germinate in this head: it will be the genius of good or evil!"

Monsieur Pérette - one of Arthur Rimbaud's professors of the third year in Charleville College, 1867 - about Rimbaud.

"Still thinking about literature?"

"I do not mind about it anymore."

(Arthur Rimbaud Flash Bio Screenshot).

"First I only recognized his so extraordinarily beautiful eyes - with a light blue iris surrounded by a darker ring of periwinkle blue colour. Round in the past, his cheeks looked hollow, squared, hardened.

The fresh complexion of an English child that he kept a long time had let place, in that interval of two years, to the dark skin of a Kabyle, and on that tanned skin, a new thing which amused me: a fawn-blond beard curled tightly; that was a long time coming - he was going on 25 (...)

Another sign of complete physical masculinity, his voice losing the nervous timbre, somewhat childish, that I had known until now, had become low, deep, filled with calm energy (...).

In the evening, after dinner, I risked to ask him if he was still thinking about literature. Shaking his head, he had a half-amused, half-irritated smile, as if I had asked him: "Do you still play with a hoop?" and simply answered: "I do not mind about it anymore.""

Ernest Delahaye about his visit to Arthur Rimbaud in 1878, as Rimbaud is treated for typhoid fever in Roche.

"The man was tall, well-built, almost athletic, with the perfectly oval face of an angel in exile, with untidy light brown hair and eyes of a disturbing pale blue."

Paul Verlaine about Arthur Rimbaud in The Accursed Poets, 1885.

"To Arthur Rimbaud

Mortal, angel and demon, as to say Rimbaud,
You deserve the first place in this book of mine,
Despite of some smart scribbler called you a beardless ribaud*,
And a budding monster, and a drunken schoolboy.
The first place yet in the temple of memory
All the spirals of incense, all the chords of lute!
And your radiant name will sing in the glory,
Because you loved me as it had to be.
The women will see you, tall young man very strong,
Very handsome of a rustic and wily beauty,
With an indolently daring attitude;
History sculptured you triumphing over death
Omnipotent Poet and victorious of life,
Your white feet put on Envy's heads."

*A ribaud is a debauched person.

Paul Verlaine, To Arthur Rimbaud
(Published for the first time in the review Le Chat Noir, August 24, 1899.)

"Life is full of pain, I'm cruisin' through my brain
And I fill my nose with snow and go Rimbaud,
Go Rimbaud, go Rimbaud,..."

Patti Smith, Land of a Thousand Dances.

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