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Helmut Halfmann

Helmut Halfmann.

Helmut Halfmann was born in 1958. He lives as a freelance writer in Kaiserslautern, Germany.

- From 1980 - 1986 he opened and ran the program movie theatre Provinz 80 near Kaiserslautern. The movie theatre received several prizes from the German Federal Ministry of the Interior and the Committee Junger Deutscher Film ("Young German Film").

- 1986 His first novel Baby Sitting is published.

- 1987 - 1990 Readings in Germany and Switzerland. Collaborator of the Literature Office Rhineland-Palatinate. Publications in anthologies, newspapers and magazines.

- 1990 Cofounder of the publishing company Halfmann & Scheidel.

- 1991 Halfmann & Scheidel publishes Ish'ban by Heinz G. Haas with photographs by Helmut Halfmann. Ish'ban is awarded "Book of the Year" by the New Talent Association of German Writers.

- 1992 Halfmann & Scheidel publishes OA, Halfmann's second novel. Further readings, anthology publications, magazine and newspaper articles, as well as editorial works.

The Force is strong in Helle.

- 1994 - 1996 The PC game Schleichfahrt (Archimedean Dynasty) is created. As a full time writer Helmut Halfmann holds responsible for the story, plotline, dialogues and cutscene texts.

- 1996 The game is published by Blue Byte Software and sells more than 150 000 copies in Germany only.

- 1997 Halfmann & Scheidel found the web agency WildWeb ( and additionally offer content providing. WildWeb arouses a lot of attention in all sorts of media.

- 1999 Helmut Halfmann again takes up full time writing for Massive Development GmbH. In 2001 AquaNox, part 2 of the Archimedean Dynasty series, is published. The up to now last part of the series, AquaNox2: Revelation, is published in 2002 by JoWood AG, Austria. All three parts get awarded by the most important media.




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