Art Rimbaud Project: Makers

martind. ||| martin diehl

Martin Diehl's Studio.

Designer . Painter . Music Producer .
DVD / Audio .
Owner of the Motortown recordlabel .
Music Auditor . Compiler, Poet .
Resident of the 21th century .


. Mathyk one Vinyl E.P.
. Cheb Said 'Visa' Maxi CD
. Om Bradley 'sub marines'

New Oil ... just drying.

New poems on om bradleys album CD 'sub marines'

Martin Diehl hiding behind his second face.

Who often dreams of ,life' must do it
Who so often believes that one only
proves through this

In life by day and in the night.

Conjuration drives the wheel forward
to make one believe in the hurricane
The world is so terribly beautiful
and reality is like an ice cold rain

In life, by day and in the night.


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