Art Rimbaud Project: Makers

Michael Korotschenko

Michael Korotschenko.

Musician, Producer, Sound Engineer, Audio Archivist, Graphic Artist.

Mischa can look back on a long history as a musician. He first struggled through life as a composer and guitarist in several live bands, was one of the founding members of the legendary Spunks and Cookie Control and the Braindonors.

To be capable of producing independently he added sound engineering to his skills and booked several jobs as sound engineer with various CD productions.

Mischa and Bowie.

Based on his long-standing friendship with Martin Diehl and Roland Scheidel, Isch Records was founded, a small label through which they now could distribute independently from the mainstream music industry.

Together with Martin, Michael founded the POPDAFUNK project. 2 Maxi EPs (Swingshift, Holidays in Nirwana) were released by Richard Bartz through Kurbel Records and garnered recognition in the house sector as well as amazing reviews in established magazines such as GROOVE. (

At the same time songs by Martin and Mischa have been released through EMI in 2003 and 2004.

Currently, Mischa is concentrating on the Art Rimbaud multimedia album project, working with Tony Caulfield on new songs.

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