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25. January 2006

The English version of our flash-animated Arthur Rimbaud biography is now online. Enjoy!

And you can now choose between a flash menu and a text only menu for browsing the Art Rimbaud Project Website.

23. December 2005

ISCH ART wishes you a Merry Christmas & an inspiring new year!

25. November 2005

Art Rimbaud Project

The Art Rimbaud Project album is now completed
and can be ordered here.

29. August 2005
Art Rimbaud Video Online!

Rimbaud Video

Watch the artful Video "Ich treibe in die blaue Ewigkeit" (I'm Drifting Through the Blue Eternity) Windows Media | Mac

16. August 2005


Now ARP went through master! The 2 CDs are finished and we hope to release the project (2 CDs, 1 booklet, full color, 1 slipcase) September 20th. You can order the product by clicking here and save 2 Euro!!!!

August 11th 2005 relaunch

Finally, ISCH ART presents the brand new official website for the Art Rimbaud Project!

Our new site - developed by ISCH ART artist Helmut Halfmann - features a flash-animated Arthur Rimbaud biography (An English version of the bio is coming soon. Arthur is portrayed and voiced by actor Tony Caulfield), a jukebox, lyrics, (translations of) Rimbaud poems, Rimbaud related info and quotes, the biggest collection of Rimbaud related pics on the web, all about the members of ISCH ART, Rimbaud-themed cooking recipes, a poetry box,... and a lot more!

Participate in our remix contest: Download lyrics and sounds and compose a new Art Rimbaud song! The five best songs will be published on and rewarded with an Art Rimbaud Project album hand signed by the ISCH ART artists. If your song is voted #1, you win the option to publish some of your own songs on one of the upcoming ISCH ART CDs!

Please look around... and enjoy!

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